My name is Jen and I love to take pictures.  


The way the camera feels in my hands.  The wonder of seeing my first image warp and formulate in the red light of the dark room.  The breath he takes right before she walks down the aisle.  The family laughing together as they embrace the crazy.  These are the things that make my  "job" a complete joy.  I find myself somewhere in the middle of awe and frustration when it comes to photography.  I am in awe that the beauty of the world can be captured through a lens, yet frustrated that a picture is not THE moment.  The moment is gone forever and all we have left is the photo.  But if that’s all we have left, then darnit…I am going to take a lot of pictures. I want to make sure the beauty of the moment isn’t lost.  I would love to help make your moments last.  I consider it a privilege.