Jordan and Grace

I had to take a step back from weddings this summer and focus on our family and fighting for our adoption.  BUT I could never say no to a Wiseman!  I have loved being a part of each of these three siblings weddings.  I wouldn’t have missed Gracie’s wedding for the world.   So in the midst of sending my husband to Africa to fight for our son, I got to be embraced and surrounded by the love that is the Wiseman’s (and now Chandlers!) on their beautiful property under their homemade chapel in the woods.  There is always some unexpected element to each Wiseman wedding…whether that’s a windblown rainy day or no snow in the middle of winter…The day seemed to run pretty smooth (minus feeling like we ran out of time pretty quick for pictures and the trolley running over the circle drive of bricks on our way to pictures. Yikes!) But in true Chandler/Wiseman fashion, no one was too stressed and everyone was rolling with it because they know what’s important.  The love being solidified in the middle of the woods with purposeful words and promises as Grace and Jordan vowed to love each other forever.  Jordan seems to adore Gracie and Gracie was glowing when she talked about marrying Jordan.  It was an emotional day for me as I watched young love start to bloom, coming up on my ten year anniversary I was especillay struck with how a marriage is a safe harbor in the midst of storms.  I have a feeling these two will stick together and will make it through those storms stronger and more in love.   They will choose each other every day.  Thank you Gracie and Jordan for including me in this lovely occasion.  I am sad I have no more Wiseman weddings to shoot.  #Choosingchandler