Jordan and Grace

I had to take a step back from weddings this summer and focus on our family and fighting for our adoption.  BUT I could never say no to a Wiseman!  I have loved being a part of each of these three siblings weddings.  I wouldn’t have missed Gracie’s wedding for the world.   So in the midst of sending my husband to Africa to fight for our son, I got to be embraced and surrounded by the love that is the Wiseman’s (and now Chandlers!) on their beautiful property under their homemade chapel in the woods.  There is always some unexpected element to each Wiseman wedding…whether that’s a windblown rainy day or no snow in the middle of winter…The day seemed to run pretty smooth (minus feeling like we ran out of time pretty quick for pictures and the trolley running over the circle drive of bricks on our way to pictures. Yikes!) But in true Chandler/Wiseman fashion, no one was too stressed and everyone was rolling with it because they know what’s important.  The love being solidified in the middle of the woods with purposeful words and promises as Grace and Jordan vowed to love each other forever.  Jordan seems to adore Gracie and Gracie was glowing when she talked about marrying Jordan.  It was an emotional day for me as I watched young love start to bloom, coming up on my ten year anniversary I was especillay struck with how a marriage is a safe harbor in the midst of storms.  I have a feeling these two will stick together and will make it through those storms stronger and more in love.   They will choose each other every day.  Thank you Gracie and Jordan for including me in this lovely occasion.  I am sad I have no more Wiseman weddings to shoot.  #Choosingchandler

Adam and Krystal

We were hoping for snow. A beautiful perfect snow so we could run outside and have some magical shots. But it was grey and a little gloomy and although it did snow just a little, it didn't stick around for pictures. BUT if it's not going to be beautiful outside...then get married INSIDE at the coolest venue ever. Adam and Krystal seemed to think of every detail when planning their day from the thoughtful time they spent with each set of parents to present them gifts and thank them (um, why didn't I do that?) to the perfect indoor venue. The Cheney place with its eclectic mix of mid-century and antique furniture, beautiful modern wall art, and exposed brick walls was the absolute perfect backdrop for a New Year's Eve wedding. The new and improved Wisemans know how to throw a party.  There were no wallflowers at this shin-dig...everyone was having a great time.  Probably because of the light and love that filled the room.  I've never had so much fun with a bridal party.  All kind and genuine people...probably because that is the epitome of Adam and Krystal...kind and genuine.  They are surrounded by the same...what you give out comes back and I am sure that Adam and Krystal felt the love coming back their way as they embarked upon a new year and a new life together as Mr. and Mrs. #wisertogether 

Broken and Beautiful

I am finding the joy in what I do again.   There was a minute when I forgot why I love it.  Between the long drives, the stress and busyness of wedding day, the pressure to get it “just right”, the well-meaning family members who can be a tad “pushy”,  the aching back and throbbing feet at the end of a 12 hour day.  The this,  the that…I forgot.  It was apparent that humans are flawed as I tried to hammer out details and explain to someone who has never had a wedding, what the timeline should look like.  It was apparent that flawed could get in my way as the professional that has shot close to 80 weddings over the last 9 years.  What I forgot was that flawed is beautiful.  And I get to capture the messiness of human-ness.  The broken and the beautiful.  After a hiatas from my job to have a baby, travel to meet our adopted son, move states (AGAIN), and start our life in a new city (AGAIN), I had my first client in this new city.  She reminded me that broken can live in the same space as beautiful... and to her I am eternally indebted.  Because this…this has given me new perspective on why it is I do what I do.  I don’t do it to capture the perfect picture, in the perfect lighting (although the chase is always on).  I don’t do it for the money, I don’t do it for praise.  I do it because it brings me JOY…life giving joy.  The kind of joy that shows up on a beach in the form of a mother and daughter, broken and hurting from a recent divorce, but ready to play in the water and climb the rocks in search of their next big adventure.  She texted me on the way to the shoot telling me she might have a hard time keeping it together.  She was calling these “fun photos” instead of family photos since they wouldn’t have her daughter’s dad there.  She said, “tonight is both broken and beautiful for me. The shattered pieces oozing with the sufficient grace, so if I’m teary…”  I thanked her for being so vulnerable with me, and for choosing me to capture this moment…WHAT a gift.  So…we had some fun, and in the process I felt inspired again.  Bring on the broken. Bring on the beautiful.  Time to get back to “work”.



West Michigan Wedding Photographer 10 Year Anniversary!

We can't believe we are heading into a big anniversary for our business.  Come 2017 we’ve been photographing weddings for 10 years, and we’ve loved and learned every minute. 

Even with almost 75 weddings under our camera belt strap, there is still the thrill of meeting bride and groom, walking through the details with them and most of all, gaining their trust to capture their special day.

Walk with us through the years down memory lane and relive each and every wedding since 2007.  If you would like to view recent weddings, scroll back thru earlier blog posts or for a more comprehensive look at our work check out Galleries at the top of the page.  Keep up to date with all the latest news and discounts by asking to follow us on Instagram or like our Facebook page!




Book your 2017 wedding before our September Grand Rapids Michigan bridal show and receive $200 off your package.

We also discount all Sunday thru Friday weddings and we still have some summer and fall 2016 dates available (We'll cut you a great deal if you haven't booked for 2016 yet!). 

Ask our clients, we love what we do and haven't had a bad review in the 10 years we have been shooting.  

To start off our journey into our 10th year, here are some shots from our very first weddings in 2007! 

Dale and Mary - 2007

Brett and Jes - 2007

Sean and Liz

Just before tornadoes ripped through the Midwest, Sean and Liz had a beautiful day for a wedding, considering it was November 16th!  Even if they hadn’t, I have a sneaking suspicion they would’ve been just as happy.  You literally couldn’t knock the smiles off their faces if you wanted to.  They are so happy together, and we had so much fun watching them just enjoy the heck out of their day.   We had hours to take pictures, so obviously they were one of our all time fav couples.  Everything was perfect, from the soaring, gothic ceiling of the cathedral to the movie theater candy and popcorn center pieces at the Lafayette Theater.  Perfect for a couple who loves to relax with a good movie…my kind of people.