Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.
— Dorothea Lange


It never gets old, watching the bride walk towards her groom, watching her father and mother give her away.  The back of the church moment when they realize they are officially husband and wife. The first dance.  All of it. I like being a fly on the wall, a small part of such a big day.  It's an honor.


Some of my favorite shoots of all time.  There is something so refreshing about young (or young at heart) couples in love.  They have their whole lives in front of them.  They re-energize me and remind me how exciting it is to be preparing for marraige.  




Unpredictable.  Silly.  Sweet.  My motto is; just keep shooting.  Whether you have a perfectly photogenic family, or you have to chase your two year old around the house to get their pants on,  I aim to capture those precious moments that reflect the joy and authenticity of family life. 




We planned a beautiful outdoor wedding at my parent’s house – married under a big tree, cocktail hour on the lawn and reception under a white tent. In our minds it was picture perfect by itself. THEN the day came – and brought the WEATHER!  Jen didn’t,  but probably should have ,  worn a red cape the way she flew around and captured every moment – The guys, the girls, the families.. All the settings we’d hoped for – the pond, the creek, the lawn, etc. Rushing to beat the rain and pausing between gusts of wind and taming the wild veil… (Did I mention Jen is newly pregnant at this time too???) The weather was embraced on our beach run after the ceremony.  Our photos are unique to us and completely priceless.  Jen knew how to take what we were dealt and make it beautiful. It was a fabulous day, and we had a fabulous photographer; she gets all the stars on this review. I would recommend Jennifer Grace Photography to anyone!

Mike and Meghan- Grand Rapids, Michigan

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